Free Dive & Snorkel

Price match guarantee on all gear purchased at Aquatic Sports.

Large inventory of quality masks, snorkels, fins

Professional sales staff – we use what we sell!

Try your mask for fit in our heated pool

Silhouette of mask and snorkel

Everything You Need To Free Dive and Snorkel

You'll find what you need for your snorkeling adventure at Aquatic Sports. We carry a large selection of snorkeling gear, everything from adult to kids' sizes. Our dive pros will be happy to teach you how to

  • get the right fit in a mask
  • select a snorkel with a good bite
  • choose right fins for your strength level

and so much more!

Remember our try before you dive option! Select masks, snorkels and fins from our showroom, and then hop into our heated, indoor pool. There's no better way to make sure everything meets your needs before your next trip.

We Offer Classes For Free Diving

If you want to take the next step and discover the wonderful world of Taste the freedom of free divingfree diving, Aquatic Sports offers a wide range of free diving equipment from OMER and other great companies. Check out our selection of specialized gear:

  • super low-volume masks
  • long-blade fins
  • ergonomic, low-drag snorkels

We offer free-diving classes. Please contact Aquatic Sports to schedule. We'll have you in the water in no time!