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Our store came of age with Jacques Cousteau and Sea Hunt.

Only scuba pros work the retail floor

We love to spread the word about scuba!

Family-owned and run since 1966

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We’re Passionate About Diving

Early scuba diver with underwater cameraAt Aquatic Sports, we believe the positive customer experience you have at Aquatic Sports is the first step to a lifelong aquatic adventure. We aim to provide expert retail service and top-notch dive education. We take the time to get to know our customers. We hope you will keep you coming back for scuba instruction, dive equipment and diving adventures.

Aquatic Sports is an Aqua Lung Platinum Partner.

Owner Jeff Powelson tropical diving
Jeff Powelson after a dry suit dive

Jeff Powelson, ownerJeff Powelson filming underwater

Email: jeff@aquaticsports.com

Level of Certification: SSI Instructor Certifier

How many years diving: Diving since 1970

How many dives to date: #7230

Why Aquatic Sports?

Our family started this business in 1966 to provide the highest quality and in-depth training to the Portland area. We continue today to provide this high-quality training to produce the best and safest scuba divers in the area.

Favorite Places to Scuba Dive

Pacific NW and Canada, Sea of Cortez, Philippines, Indonesia, Roaten, Cozumel, Australia, Micronesia (Palau & Chuuk) and the lakes and rivers of Oregon.

Favorite Dive Equipment

  1. Aqualung I770 dive computer w/transmitter
  2. Aqualung Rogue BCD
  3. Kracken Solo 8000 lumen video light
Meet Deb Bridges

Deb BridgesLearn scuba and dive with Deb

Email: deb@aquaticsports.com

Level of Certification: SSI Assistant Instructor

Why Aquatic Sports?

Aquatic Sports has high standards, and everyone at Aquatic Sports has a passion like mine for scuba diving.

Favorite Places to Scuba Dive

Tubbatha, Philippines, Sea of Cortez, Channel Islands and Cozumel, Mexico

Favorite Dive Equipment

  1. Anything that keeps me warm! (Aqua Lung Fusion Dry Suit).
  2. ScubaPro Hydro BCD

Favorite Class to Teach

Intro to scuba diving or Try Scuba. This gives potential new divers their first experience of exploring inner space. I love providing a great first experience for these new divers.

Austin Craig west coast scuba diver
Cold-water diver Austin Craig

Austin CraigAustin Craig leads liveaboard dive trips to the Channel Islands

Email: austin@aquaticsports.com

Level of Certification: Advanced Open Water Instructor

Why Aquatic Sports?

Knowledge, Safety, and Professionalism!  We believe in creating good DIVERS – we take time with all of our students to ensure that they can dive safely and enjoyably – nothing about our classes is rushed or hectic. I also love the fact that we can offer our students almost unlimited practice time with our on-site training pool.

Favorite Places to Scuba Dive

Channel Islands (California), Indonesia, Philippines

Favorite Dive Equipment

1. Apeks MTX-R Regulator

2. Apeks WTX System Backplate & Wing

3. Ocean Reef Predator Integrated Diving Mask

Favorite Class to Teach

Stress & Rescue, Deep, Open Water

Pam Mudge scuba diving
Pam Mudge encountering a turtle

Pam MudgePam Mudge diving pilings

Email: pammudge@comcast.net

Level of Certification: SSI Master Diver/ Assist. Instructor

Why Aquatic Sports?

Because they love to dive as much as I do and their knowledge of dive sites and equipment is unparalleled.

Favorite Places to Scuba Dive

Anywhere I find sharks or octopus.

Favorite Dive Equipment

  1. Aqualung Legend Regulator
    Because it makes breathing underwater effortless and I don’t have to worry about freezing in our cold PNW water.
  2. Marine Rescue GPS
    My favorite accessory that I’ve never used, and hope to never use but keep it by my side just in case.
  3. ScubaPro 3/2 wetsuit
    My white & pink ScubaPro 3/2 wetsuit because it’s the perfect combination of fashion and function.

Favorite Class to Teach

Try Scuba. It’s great to watch the enthusiasm of people initially interested in diving.

Adrian Pereda Aquatic Sports staff Adrian Pereda

Email: Bonaventurescuba@gmail.com

Level of Certification: Instructor & Service Technician

Why Aquatic Sports?

Because there is no better place to work!

Favorite Places to Scuba Dive

Tulum, Belize, Pacific Northwest, Thailand, Red Sea

Favorite Dive Equipment

  1. Scubapro MK25 Evo Regulator
  2. Scubapro Galileo HUD dive computer

Favorite Class to Teach

Open Water Diver and Equipment Techniques

Shelby PowelsonShelby scuba diving in the tropics

Email: shelbypowelson16@gmail.com

Level of Certification: Open Water Diver

Why Aquatic Sports?

Aquatic Sports is a very important part of my life. This business has been in my family since 1966, so I have grown up around the dive industry and have been scuba diving from a very young age. I am very proud to be a third-generation employee here at Aquatic Sports and I believe we provide the best dive experience in the PNW.

Favorite Places to Scuba Dive

Cozumel, Cabo Pulmo, Ambergris Caye, Roatan, Fiji

Favorite Dive Equipment

  1. Nova Scotia Semi-dry Suit
    I love the Scubapro Nova Scotia semi-dry suit. For PNW diving, this product allows you to maintain great dexterity while staying warm during those colder dives. I love the lightness and versatility of the product, making it appropriate to use in many different climates.
  2. Aqualung Rogue BCD
    The Aqualung Rogue BCD is my favorite Buoyancy Control Device right now. We teach our students on this system for a reason, being able to use it in cold and warm water diving, personalize the sizing of the device allows for the most comfortable experience. It also allows you to evenly distribute your weight around the device, and the price point is great for what the product provides.
Tim Riley, our scuba maintenance pro

Tim RileyTim Riley at marina on Columbia River

Email: tim@aquaticsports.com

Level of Certification: Instructor & Service Technician

Why Aquatic Sports?

They have over 80 years of combined diving experience!

Favorite Places to Scuba Dive

Roatan, Cuba, Belize, Thailand

Favorite Dive Equipment

  1. Kraken Smartphone enclosure
  2. Suunto Ion Core dive computer
  3. Scubapro MK25/S600 Regulator

Favorite Class to Teach

Open Water Diver