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We have four decades experience organizing scuba travel. And we don't just organize it, our dive professionals accompany you to ensure your safety and enjoyment. Need help adjusting your equipment? How about a quick at-sea repair? Want to learn how to use that new dive computer? We've got your back.

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Scuba Travel to the Caribbean Island of Roatan

April 25 - May 2

Roatan Island, Honduras, is one of the Caribbean’s best dive destinations. This lime stone island was Black Beards hideout in his heyday! Pirate booty is in your reach. This Caribbean island gives you bio-diversity second to none in the region. This area offers wall dives, wreck dives and unlimited reefs. You’ll stay at Fantasy Island Resort where you have access to unlimited diving at a great value. There will be two boat dives a day and…

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Scandi Divers is the best diver operation in the Philippines

Dive Pristine Verdi Island in the Philippines

November 14 - November 22

Puerto Gallera, Mindoro, Philippines Travel to one the world’s best dive sites in the world, Verdi Island. You’ll encounter everything from large animals to macro life – it’s divers dream. Neither the dive sites nor variety of marine life will disappoint. Aquatic Sports is organizing this trip through Scandi Divers. Scandi Divers has one of the best resorts – not to mention dive operations – in the Philippines. All inclusive, this dive adventure is easy and…

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